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                  The company's vision and objectives:

                  1. Vision: based on a powerful promoter of the nonlinear optical crystal industry leaders and light industrial development.

                  2. Mid-term goal: to become the preferred global supplier of nonlinear optical crystal and laser crystal.

                  3. Short-term goal: timely completion of the annual target, the target customer satisfaction 88 points.

                  Unified corporate philosophy:

                  1. Core concept: 100% meet the target customer needs.

                  2. Management thinking: people with identity "Fu Jing shared values" oriented.

                  3. The spirit of enterprise culture: unity, progressive, realistic and innovative.

                  Personal behavior common values:

                  1. personal qualities: honesty, tolerance, courtesy.

                  2. Work performance: scrupulous, initiative and efficiency, customer awareness, teamwork, learning summary.

                  3. Conduct: Let CASTECH better today.

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